10 Spring Books for English Language Learners

Spring is a great time to read books about the environment, animal and plant life cycles, and other outdoor topics. For English Language Learners (along with all students) it is important to read books with characters from diverse backgrounds. Try and integrate characters with similar backgrounds as the students you work with so that they …

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Vocabulary Building File Folder Games

I have some newcomers that I just started working with.  They love games so I came up with some file folder games to help them practice basic vocabulary.  The students are at two different levels: some are able to read the others has some basic letter sound knowledge.  All have low expressive vocabulary. We are practicing nouns …

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Mood and Tone

My 5th graders are studying author's tone, and mood.  These are complex concepts for my ESOL students to understand.  To start off I adapted a great Author's Tone and Mood lesson. Before having student write, they took turns talking about their stories this really helped my lower ones generate ideas, and gave all of them practice …

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