Writing About Photographs With English Language Learners

writing about photographs

Photographs offer excellent support for English Language Learners to use in writing. They can be used to help students generate ideas.  Visual vocabulary support is built into a high quality photograph. You can easily differentiate a writing assignment based around photographs.

Writing about Photographs with Newcomers 

  1. Label objects in the photograph.
  2. Provide students with a list of objects found in the picture and have them label it.
  3. Write simple sentence frames. (I see _______. I hear ______. The _____ is blue.)

Writing about Photographs with Level 1 and 2 ESOL Students 

  1. Have students talk about what they see in the photograph.
  2. Present students with a writing prompt around the photograph.
  3. Review sentence frames and additional vocabulary to assist with writing.
  4. Allow students to talk about ideas with a partner or in a small group before writing.





Writing about Photographs with Advanced ESOL Students 

  1. Present students with a writing prompt around the photograph.
  2. Allow students to talk about ideas with a partner or in a small group before writing.
  3. You can use sentence frames to introduce complex grammar structure or new vocabulary words for students to include.

Check out these picture writing prompts I designed that come with a writing prompt, vocabulary bank and sentence frames.


ESOL Teaching Materials Tailwind Tribe

tailwind tribeCheck out a new Tailwind tribe that I created: ESOL Teaching Materials Tailwind Tribe. It is for sharing ESOL teaching materials.

If you haven’t tried tailwind it is a way to schedule pins to pinterest. You are able to set when the pin goes out.  This is a big help if you want to pin to multiple boards. You can schedule the pins to go out over a series of days instead of all at once. You are also able to pin at times when the most people will see your pins.

Tailwind Tribes is for collaborative pinning groups. Each tribe give you information about how people interact with your pins and allows you to search within the tribe. This is similar to collaborative pinterest boards but with much more specific information about how other people interact with your pins.  Tailwind tribes has been updated so that you can now search for tribes that you want to join.

If you want to give Tailwind a try, here is a referral link that will get you a free month to try it out. If you are signing up for the first time and use my link we both get a $15 credit to use for Tailwind.

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I just created a bundle set of my task cards.

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ESOL Praxis Test Review

If you are interested in becoming an ESOL teacher, many states allow you to take the praxis exam and then use that to add on to your teaching licence. This weekend my husband went to a workshop and was very impressed with the information he learned from the review session. He had been searching for review materials and not finding anything so just wanted to put the word out that this training was helpful.

Probably the biggest piece of information he realized is that the test has been updated and the linguistic section removed. I remember that being the most challenging section so that was good news.

It looks like the trainings are offered around the country but not very frequently in any one city.


Alphabet Card Flash Cards

Learning the alphabetic code is an important part of early literacy.  This is also true for ESOL students.  My daughter is 2 1/2 years old. She is learning English as her first language. I came up with these alphabet cards as a way for her to learn new vocabulary, name familiar people, and the letters and sounds of the alphabet.

For ESOL students they could take part in a similar activity by going on a scavenger hunt for people and objects for each letter of the alphabet and taking pictures of them, then creating their own flash cards.  The flash cards can then be printed on cardstock or developed using a photo sight. Recently there have been deals for developing free photographs.  I used one from Amazon.  Shutterfly also has one  20 FREE 4×6 prints + free standard shipping.

I’ve included a template if you would like to create your own alphabet flash cards using photographs. Just insert pictures into the PowerPoint template, save as a .jpg file and then upload the file into a photo developing sight (or print on cardstock).