Word Walls & Vocabulary Folder

ESOL students benefit from easy access to words.  A movable or portable word wall is one way to increase students exposure to sight words.

In my classroom I have a magnetic word wall.  Sometimes, when students ask for help finding words I will take down two or three words and have them identify the word they are looking for.  Then they have the word at eye level to copy. I have a magnetic chalkboard.  I used sports tape to separate the letters.

When I travel to other classrooms, or work with students that need fewer words to choose from I use a portable word wall. This is made from three file folders glued together. Each word it attached with velcro.

To help students with writing, I have vocabulary folders. They are made with sheet protectors in folders with brads.  These pages are available in my TPT store.


Sight Word Building

As a part of my guided reading groups students do short word work activities. For my lowest group that includes a lot of sight word practice. One activity my students enjoy is a pocket chart sight word center I got from lakeshore. They place a word card in the chard and then find letter cards to build the word. It is simple but a hands on way for them to practice. I like that fact that all of the materials are in one place. Unfortunately this center is not longer made, and only has a small number of words.

I decided to make my own version of the activity. This way I can really target the words those students need to practice, and will enough materials as new students join the group. I’ve added the Sight word building cards to my TPT store.

word building
Pocket chart sight word cards
Sight word building poster