Spring Teaching Ideas for English Language Learners


It is now officially spring. Here in the DC area we are expecting the largest snow storm of the year on the first full day of spring, but the weather should hopefully warm up soon. Here are some ideas for teaching about and enjoying spring.

Learn about animal life cycles

Life cycles are great for teaching transition words. One fun activity is to show students a video of an eagle or other animal with eggs or newborn babies. In the spring there are many live feeds available. Students can make predictions about when the eggs will hatch. You can also find video clips of the hatching process. Here is one of recent eagle hatching in DC.

Go on a scavenger hunt outside.

As the weather gets warmer going outside can be a fun change and great way to increase student engagement. Students can look for items that fit into specified categories shape or texture. Check out my blog post on Scavenger Hunts with ELLs for more ideas.

Read books with spring topics/settings

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click on an Amazon link and make a purchase. This does not cost you any extra money.

You can use spring themed books for read alouds/mentor texts or highlight a section in your classroom library for students to read.

Up Down Around is a fun book about plants that would be great for practicing prepositions.

Integrate Spring Themes into Your Content 

Here are some language activities with a spring theme:

Would You Rather Opinion Task Cards Spring

Students choose which spring themed activity they would rather do. Great for speaking or writing practice.

Context Clue Task Cards Spring

Practice using context clues with these spring themed task cards. Each card has simple sentence and a focus word.

Spring Parts of Speech Color by Code

Practice parts of speech with these color by code sheets. They come with illustrated vocabulary sheets which can also be used for speaking or writing about spring topics.







Picture Writing Prompt Task Cards Spring

Looking for more writing prompts? Each photograph on these task cards is about a spring topic.

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