Valentine’s Day Activities for English Language Learners

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Valentine’s Day can offer a fun way to teach students about kindness and helping others. It be used thematically with language activities. Here are some ideas for integrating Valentine’s Day themes into lessons for English Language Learners.

Kindness cards
Have students write about their classmates. They can write one nice fact about each classmate. Set out a paper on each students desk with their name on it. Students rotate around writing a nice message on each one. This setup gives ELLs a variety of examples as they view each card. You can also have them pick names and make a card for one classmate. Here are some FREE examples of how to be kind in the classroom.

How to be a friend
Have students write the steps to being a good friend. This FREE set of  How to be a Friend posters gives students ideas about how to be a good friend.

Read Books about Kindness and Valentines Day

Some ELLs may not be familiar with Valentine’s Day. You can read a nonfiction book to give them basic facts about the holiday. This holiday is a great time to integrate character education around being kind and helping others. Here are some books to read with your students around Valentine’s Day:

vday books


Parts of Speech Color by Code
These Valentine’s Day Parts of Speech coloring sheets help students practice identifying Valentine’s Day themed parts of speech. Each page is a Valentine’s Day themed picture. Also included are pictures for each part of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions). The vocabulary words are also great for writing or speaking activities.


Parts of Speech Color by code coloring sheets
Parts of Speech Illustrated vocabulary sheets. 








Valentine’s Day Opinion Would You Rather Task Cards
These Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Opinion Task Cards each have two Valentine’s Day themed activities for students to choose from. These task cards can be used as writing prompts or for a speaking activity. There come with and without pictures.


Valentine’s Day Parts of Speech Word Searches
These Valentine’s Day Parts of Speech Word Searches each have vocabulary words for two parts of speech on each page. The words are the same words used in my Color by Code and Illustrated Vocabulary sheets.

Valentine’s Day Picture Prompt Writing Task Cards
These are differentiated Valentine’s Day themed task cards . Each card has a Valentine’s Day themed photograph and writing prompt. Also included are vocabulary words and sentence frames to help students with their writing.



4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Activities for English Language Learners

  1. Such cute ideas here! It’s so fun getting to know our second language learners! I teach juniors and my ESL kiddos are doing “future” research right now and I LOVE watching them learn more about what they will pursue when they leave high school.


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